Before you start your essay make notes. A good start is to create a chart of how your two texts compare and contrast with regard to audience, purpose, genre, characters, setting, plot, word choice, imagery, style, symbolism etc etc.

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Planning your essay
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You must provide a list of all your sources when you are submitting an essay or dissertation. There are many methods of referencing. Whichever you use, you must be consistent in applying your chosen method. This is a recommended method:


Brown, Martha. (2012) A history of Scotland. Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press.

Book- article or chapter within

Brown, Martha. (2012) The cultural impact of the Highland Clearances. In T. Scott, ed., A history of the Scottish People, 1600-1900. Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, pp 76-139.

Journal Article

Brown, Martha. (2012) ‘The impact of the Darien Venture on the Scottish Economy.’ Journal of Scottish History, 21(1) pp 23-35.

Newspaper Article

Brown, Martha. (2012) ‘A new perspective on the Highland Clearances.’ Scotland on Sunday, Literary Supplement, pp. 22-23.

Web Sites

Scottish History Today ‘The 1715 Jacobite Rebellion’[ accessed 14 May 2012]

After you have counted your words (not more than 800 words) you must include a Sources/Bibliography list.