You might like to compare two texts on the theme of war. The subject can be the pity of war or be a comparison of different perceptions or attitudes to a war or two different wars in different times.

You could compare the famous "Dulce et Decorum Est" with another war poem, a film depiction of war, a short story set in a war situation or an non-fiction prose piece). You will need to research the poets/authors/directors and conside the genre, audience, purpose, main ideas, themes and author's techniques. For example with a poem you should think about emotive word choice and connotations, form/structure, imagery (simile, metaphor, personification), rhythm and rhyme, sound (alliteration, onomatopoeia) and tone. Other techniques to consider may be irony, euphemism, symbolism etc).

Suggestion: Compare and Contrast two World War 1 poems: "Dulce et Decorum Est" which shows the harsh reality of war with the pro-enlistment propaganda poem which provoked it "Who's for the Game?". There are lots of notes and presentations available on line and on Youtube. Make sure you check who has posted the information and remember no plagiarism.

Suggestion: Compare and Contrast a World War 1 written text (such as "Dulce et Decorum Est")
with a film depiction of the war (can be a documenary or an effective fictionalised account such as "Blackadder Goes Forth" final episode "Goodbyeee" - )

Alternatively you may choose two texts from the following as long as one is a WRITTEN text.

Poetry – World War 1

Poetry - World War 2
Poetry – war in history
Prose – World War 1

Prose – contemporary