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SQA National 4 Added Value Unit English - June 2013
SQA National 4 English Course Notes April 2012

Added Value Unit = Apply your language skills to investigage a chosen topic by evaluating, selecting information, presenting findings and responding to questions.


As part of your AVU you have to independently study, plan and write a 700-800 word essay (with Sources/Bibliography) using two significantly literary texts of your choice - your teacher will give you guidance.
One approach is to compare and contrast two texts which have some similarities (by the same author, on the same theme, of the same genre etc) but also have significant differences (style, language, perspective etc).

You cannot even start the essay without lots of preparation. The rules say you have to record every stage of your planning in your learning log and this will be monitored by your teacher. You need to annotate your texts, write notes, come up with a essay task/line of thought/thesis and paragraph plan before you write your essay. There are also strict Deadlines for completing all stages of the AVU.

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Stage 1: Planning and reading
Stage 2: Selecting information from the texts
Stage 3: Understanding and evaluating texts
Stage 4: Essay or Presentation of Findings
Stage 5: Responding to questions

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